Selsport Wrappa Replica XTR Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

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JUNIOR Selsport Junior Goalkeeper Gloves Wrappa XTR Replica

Before now there has rarely been the opportunity for an entry level goalkeeper to have access to a glove which offers such top level performance. A glove which exceeds expectation from the most trusted name in goalkeeping.

Palm: 3mm LATEX SL+: Latex is a entry level latex incorporating a combination of PU and soft latex laminations.

Latex code: / LTX SL+ PU

Backhand: Embossed PU backhand

Wrist Closure: The Wrappa XTR Replica incorporates a pro embossed PU strap which offers the keeper customised support and fit to the key wrist area.

Cut: Roll Finger - Optimum ball to hand coverage and increased comfort - the preferred choice of our Pros.

Environments: Adaptable in DRY conditions

Junior Goalkeeper Gloves Use: Entry Academy Level